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Lever-Nuts Assortment 221 Series Push-in Wire Connector

221 lever-nut wire connector is one type of push wire connectors, its features are obvious : 1. Great Quality 2. High Efficiency 3. Universal Compatibility 4. Wide Application. The mentioned advantages defined its popularity in current fierce market.
221 lever wire connector transparent housing is made of high quality PC material, it has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, pressure resistance, besides, 221 wire connectors could effectively prevent the electrical leakage, it's safe and reliable. And it's much easier to install than other traditional wire connectors, no twisting, taping or crimping required, only strip the wire and plug-in the connector. It's more convenient for replacement and maintenance.
221 push wire connectors are suitable for solid, stranded and flexible wires, so its application is very extensive, it could be used in electronics, communication equipments, instruments, calculator, automatic control system and domestic appliance etc.
221 lever connectors have 2 port, 3 port, 4 port, 5 port and 8 port. Usually, 2/3/5 port lever wire connectors are more popular. Of course, our 221 wire connectors could be customized, such as color, logo and package.

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