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222 Lever-Nuts Compact Splicing Wire Connectors

222 Lever-Nuts Wire Connectors are unique wire connectors that allow to connect cables directly, it's one type of push wire connectors, it has small enough space, built-in test point and prevent the electrical leakage. Because 222 lever nut wire connectors are made of high quality PA66 material, so it also has corrosion resistance, aging resistance and pressure resistance etc. About wire requirement, 222 compact splice wire connectors are suitable for solid, stranded and flexible copper wires ( 28-12AWG ).
Besides, push wire connectors are quick wiring connectors, no tools required and no damage to the core, could be fitted in seconds to strip cables. And don't worry twist between wires, 222 push-in wire connectors will make the job clearly. Installation Easy and Safe.
222 Lever-Nuts Compact Wire Connectors have been used in every field because of its advantages, such as building wiring, led lighting, home appliance, electronic contorls, outdoor junction box etc. Specially, it's much popular in Europe market.
BTW, our 222 wire connectors could be custom made according to customer demands, like logo, color, package etc.
Should any question, welcome to anytime.

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