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Why Our 222 Lever-Nuts Wire Connectors So Popular Among Our Customers

As mentioned, 222 Lever-Nut Wire Connectors are quick wiring and easy-install connectors. 222 Lever Connectors are made of imported PA66 material ( this material is also called Nylon66 ). Nylon66 is a great material, it's satisfied for high mechanical strength, rigidity, good stability under heat or chemical resistance. That' s why it's frequently used in mould parts, automotive, building, supplies etc.
222 Lever-Nut Compact Splice Wire Connectors are much more popular in market because the raw material ( PA66 ) is high quality. At present, 222 series wire connectors have 2 port, 3 port, 4 port, 5 port and 8 port. It's widely used for LED Lighting, lighting fixtures, sockets, switches, cars, loudspeakers, electrical boxes, fan controls, all small electrical and electronic appliances.
222 Lever-Nut Push Wire Connectors not only have good quality, but also it has unique design. 222 wire connectors no twisting, taping or crimping required, simply strip the wire and plug-in. Connecting copper wires are much faster and simpler. Besides, it's convenient for replacement and maintenance. Above all, 222 lever nut wire connectors are reusable connectors.
In a word, 222 Lever Wire Connectors have easy installation, saving time, reducing cost and convenient maintenance.

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