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New 221 Lever-Nuts Wire Connectors UL Listed

Our old 221 lever-nuts wire connectors are much similar with wago 221 connectors, it's a smaller lever connector, can help to further reduce space inside junction box. However, for pursuing innovation, we have begun to design and develop new 221 lever nut wire connector since 2020. Now, it's completed.

New 221 lever-nuts wire connector is for high-end market and UL listed connector, suitable for the worldwide, especially north american market. So what's the difference between new 221 lever connector and old 221 lever connector ?

At first, about common points, new 221 lever connector and old 221 lever connector are all using PA66 and PC UL94V-2 material. After all, quality is our life. They are also all suitable for stranded and solid cables, and are ideal for use in domestic or industrial wiring.

Their different points are construction and appearance. As new 221 lever connectors' clips design are better than before, so new 221 lever wire connectors can clamp the cables more strongly than old 221 lever connectors. Besides, new 221 lever wire connector color is a big shock, it's very clear and beautiful ( transparent green and pure white ). Meanwhile, new 221 spring lever is a great change, it could help user to install more easily, quickly and safely.

Above all, our new 221 lever-nuts wire connectors have UL and ENEC certification. It exactly suit for US lighting manufactures, distributors, wholesalers, even for the end users. The safety of our new 221 lever connectors are assured, all are accord with UL certificate standards. We support various color selection in body & lever,  customer's LOGO printing and custom-made packing box. What's more, ODM is also welcome to our connector factory, who have own professional engineering and research development team. To choose us, is to choose the most reliable partner !
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