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222-415 Lever-Nuts 5-Conductor Compact Splicing Connectors

222 Series Lever Nuts for Standard Electrical Applications. Pull the orange lever up, insert a stripped conductor, and push lever back down - job done. It takes some force to open each lever, and they close with a noticeable snap. These are not just push-connect fittings. The lever closure does the work and you can feel it. If you want to replace wires, you only need to pull up the orange levers, pull out the unneeded wires and replace them. 222 Series Compact Splicing Connectors easily, quickly, and safely connect solid, stranded, and fine stranded wires ranging from 28-12 AWG.

Our 222 lever nuts wire connectors are same with wago lever nuts connectors except logo, we have vast experience in electrical connection solutions, so 5-conductor lever nuts connectors are developed based on 2 and 3 port lever nuts connectors. 222 Series 5-conductor lever-nuts connectors are bigger than 2, 3 port lever nuts wire connectors. Because it's designed for complicated electrical wiring, which can help you save much space, and wiring layout will be better managed.

222-415 lever nuts connectors are made of the best flame retardant insulating material modified nylon PA66, they have a long life, no corrosion, anti-aging and against electrical shock. A built-in test port allows for voltage and continuity testing. Actually, 222 lever nut wire connectors are frequently used for lower voltage DC wiring, they are far quicker and easier than using crimp-on terminals, screw terminals, or any other connector. such as sockets, switches, lamps, electrical boxes, chandeliers, cars, loudspeakers, fan controls, etc.

Overall, 222 lever nuts connectors are great for connections. They are also essential for small space consumption, built-in test point, protection against electrical shock, touch safe.
222-415 lever nuts wire connectors
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