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222-412 Lever-Nuts 2 Conductor Compact Wire Connectors

222-412 lever connectors are electrical quick connectors, they have 2-conductors with operating levers, and gray housing. 222-412 lever-nuts wire connectors allow for solid, stranded and fine stranded cables to be connected together without any tool. No tape or twisting. Wire range is 28-12AWG.

222-412 lever wire connectors are much small, but the quality-control is excellent. Their construction can get a nice, snug grip on wires, and easy to use, have the strip length molded onto one side with some specs as well as a visual representation of how deep the contact is inside the case. 222-412 connectors' levers are spring levers, so 222-412 levers require a lot of force to open, and please note, they may snap shut, which may cause you to lose your grip, get pinched / struck by the lever. Besides,  222-412 lever nuts connectors choose the best flame retardant insulating material modified nylon PA66, long service life, no corrosion, anti-aging, pressure resistance and high temperature resistance.

2 pin 222 lever connectors are extremely useful for making temporary cord connects, such as for testing a luminaire for suitability before actual installation. There is no damage to the (usually stranded) luminaire wires and the connector can be left on the cord and re-used numerous times. Sure, they are also widely used in building wiring, lighting, automatic doors,sockets, switches, cars, loudspeakers, electrical boxes, fan controls and all small appliances.

Summarize, 2 pin 222-412 lever nut wire connectors are quick wiring, high secure and easy installation, and can be disassembled if need. It can help you save more working hours and reduce comprehensive cost.

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