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3 Way Electrical Junction Box IP68 Waterproof Y Type Outdoor External Electric Power Cord Boxes

Junction boxes could protect the electrical connections from the weather, as well as protecting people from accidental electric shocks. IP68 is waterproof level, it has fireproofing function, dust-proof function, anti impact function, these functions make sure it could be used under the sun or in rainy days. And IP68 junction box is usually used for outdoor external cable connection, such as street lights, buried lights, garden lights, outdoor flood lights, billboard, tunnel lights, road landscape lighting, LED outdoor display etc.

IP68 3 Way Junction Box Y Type

Sure, our IP rating have IP68, IP67, IP66. Any junction box with an IP rating is capable of resisting a certain amount of liquid and solid penetration. However, they're not all the same, some junction boxes can only stop vertical drips of water, others can survive full immersion. IP rating depends on your requirement. IP68 junction box is our best waterproof junction box.

IP68 waterproof Y type 3 way electrical junction box is one kinds of 3 way junction boxes, the wiring is 1 input 2 output, but Y type junction box is larger than others, so it could accept larger connector or more cables. Y type 3 way electrical junction box is made of high quality PC material, compression and temperature resistance, TUV & VDE & CE approved. IP68 Y type junction box come with 3 sets of different size sealed silica gel pads, used for both ends of the junction box. It support cables of 0.16inch-0.55inch, suitable for different wires to prevent water entering.

Waterproof Junction Box IP68

And 3 way Y type electrical junction box could be matched with quick connectors to use, like 222 compact splice wire connector, 221 lever-nut push wire connector, 923 docking wire connector. Usually, our IP68 junction box product contain electrical junction box and screw terminal block connector. Your requirements for inside terminal is flexible, we also support the push wire quick connectors.

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