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Spring Wire Connector 923 Seires Electrical Quick Wiring Docking Connector

Electrical Connectors are parts or devices used for electrically connecting or disconnecting circuits. They could connect and disconnect by hands or with simple tools without requiring special tools or processes. There are many types of electrical wire connectors, such as twist-on wire connector, push wire connector, butt splice wire connector, spring wire connector etc. These electrical wire connectors are available in different poles and colors to allow for different sizes gauges of cables connections.

923 electrical wiring connector have butt splice wire connector and spring wire connector features. The housing is made of high quality PA66 insulating material, with corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance. Inside pressing piece use conductive steel spring, with good elasticity, strong toughness, high power-on rate. So 923 docking wire connectors could be used for most circuit, like led lighting, motors, electric controls, power supplies, electrical appliances, and machinery etc.

923 spring wire connectors are easy to used, only need three steps: Hold down the item and press the terminal, and then put the peeled wires into the terminal, finally loose hands. Simple operation, saving time and effort. ( PS: L end is connected to the live wire and N terminal is connected to the neutral wire )

In a word, 923 connector is universal docking compact splicing wire connector, usually, it will be matched with outdoor waterproof junction box to use.
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