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Lever-Nut Compact Splice Wire Connectors Operation Steps

Lever-Nuts Compact Splice Wire Connectors are one type of push wire connectors. And 221 & 222 Lever-Nut Wire Connectors are representative products among push wire connectors. Well how to use the lever nut wire connector ?
Above all, we have to know the lever nut connector application, it's widely used for LED Lighting, lighting fixtures, building, electrical boxes, all small electrical and electronic appliances. Because its unique design, with advantage of easy-install, quick wiring, saving time, reducing cost and safety.
Next, lever-nuts wire connectors operation steps, it's much easy to install for everyone ( No twisting, taping or crimping required ). First, strip the wire according to the calibration length, about 8-12mm. Second, push the lever to 90° and insert the wire. Third, press the lever to close the clamp. Finally, check the test hole to confirm the connection ( Usually, we will do this step when the circuit failed ).
So lever-nut wire connectors are also called quick wiring connectors, it's much better than the traditional connectors, besides, it's able to be reusable.
Our lever-nuts compact splicing wire connectors include: 221 Lever-Nuts Wire Connectors, 222 Push Wire Connectors, 223 Compact Splicing Wire Connectors, Butt Splice Lever Wire Connector etc.

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