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222-413 Lever-Nuts 3 Conductor Compact Connectors

Lever-Nuts Wire Connectors are good replacements for traditional connectors, no tape or twisting. Hardly ever use wire nuts anymore and they work great and offer a nice clean solution for when you need to connect multiple wires together. 3 Port 222-413 lever wire connectors are a little bigger than 2 port 222-412 lever wire connectors, however, it can provide you more wiring layout. Such as, when working on HVAC wiring, sometimes, 2 port lever-nuts wire connectors have not enough holes to satisfy much wires together, you have to use more 2 port lever connectors to complete wiring, so 3 port lever nuts wire connector is a better choice to reduce connection point.

Sure, about 3 port lever wire connectors quality, although it's a type mini wire connector, the quality-control is excellent. Our lever-nuts 3-conductor compact wire connectors select the best flame retardant insulating material modified nylon PA66 which has a long life, no corrosion, anti-aging and pressure 4KV and against electrical shock. It's suitable for solid wires, stranded wires and flexible wires (28-12AWG).

And 3 port lever nuts wire connectors operation is same as 2 port lever wire connectors. First remove the wire jacket (10~12mm), just push the orange clip slightly to the top 90°, insert the cable and switch off the switch, job done. It is widely used in building wiring where space is at a premium for all connections requiring.

In a word, lever-nuts 3 port compact splicing wire connectors instead of traditional electrical tape and intertwined connectors, its technological innovation greatly reduce wiring time, and can completely help you to manage the messy different types of wires.

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