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Electrical Terminal Block Push Wire Connectors

Push Wire Connectors are one type quick wiring connectors. It's fastener which is used to make a tight low impedance connection between two or more electrical wires. So what's different from the traditional connectors ? —— 1) First, push wire connectors operation steps are very simple. You only strip the wire according to the calibration length ( about 8-12mm ), then insert the wires into the holes, job done. No twisting, taping or crimping required. Of course, detailed operations depend on push wire connector type. In our company, push wire connectors include lever-nut wire connectors, wall-nuts wire connectors, butt lever wire connectors and spring wire connectors. And they are made of the high quality PC material, with the advantage of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, pressure resistance, can effectively prevent electrical leakage. So push wire connectors are safe and convenient connectors. 2) Second, universal compatibility and wide application. Because push in wire connectors are suitable for solid, stranded and flexible wires, it's used for building wiring, lighting, sockets, switches, automotive, loudspeakers, electrical controls, junction box and so on.
In a word, push wire connectors ( lever-nut wire connectors, wall-nuts wire connectors, butt lever wire connectors and spring wire connectors ) are safety and easy installation connectors. It could save operation time and classify the layout of the wires clearly. Besides, part of push wire connectors are reusable connectors, such as 221 lever nut wire connectors and 222 compact splice wire connectors
In europe market, 221 lever-nut wire connectors, 222 compact wire connectors and 773 wall-nuts wire connectors are much popular. Pls kindly find the photos as below:

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