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What is the material of connector

What's the material of connector ?

Usually connectors consist of two classes of materials : conductors and insulators. It's important for conductor materials are conductivity, mechanical strength, formability and resilience. Insulators must have a high resistance, withstand high temperature, besides it's easy to manufacture for a precise fit. Pls kindly find the picture as below:

These connectors are the replacement of WAGO connector. It's made by Hireyele company. The connector material is PA66 UL94V-0 grade, it's also named Nylon 66. This is a great material, Nylon 66 is a frequently used when high mechanical strength, rigidity, good stability under heat or chemical resistance are required.It's used in fibers for textiles, carpets and mould parts.

BTW, about WAGO 222 connector, this is hot sellers in Hireyele company. It can be used in lighting fixtures, electrical installation, junction boxex etc.

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