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Lever-Nuts Assortment Butt Splice Wire Connectors 3 in 6 Out and 3 in 9 Out

As we know, lever-nuts wire connectors are fast wiring connectors, they are better than traditional wire connectors. Lever nut wire connector features are saving space and work time — instead of the traditional electrical tape and electrical butt connector twisted type, simply lift the levers, insert the wire stripping, and then close the levers. In a word, lever-nut compact splice wire connectors could change wiring way, save wiring time, space and cost. We have all kinds of lever-nuts wire connectors, the hotter products are 222 lever-nut compact wire connectors, 221 lever-nut push wire connectors, lever-nut butt splice connectors etc. Usually, it's used for building wiring, household appliances, lighting, electrical equipment and so on.

About butt wiring lever-nuts connectors, we could provide 2 in 4 out and 2 in 6 out connectors before, but some partners ask us to increase more holes for connection. So we have developed another lever butt wire connectors according to 2 in 4 out ( 2 in 6 out ) wire connector, they are 3 in 6 out wire connectors and 3 in 9 out wire connectors. This wire connector's function is same as other lever wire connector. Pls kindly find the photos as below:

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