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Customized LEVER-NUTS Push Wire Connector

Customized LEVER-NUTS Push Wire Connector
Push wire connector is a convenient and fast wiring connector. Specially, our company will manufacture according to customers' requirement, such as color, logo and certificate so on.
Our lever-nuts compact splicing push wire connectors :
◆ Safety - our compact splice spring lever quick wire connectors have long life, no corrosion, aging resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature and normal work. And test holes can be used to check if the wires are energized.
◆ Efficient - the cable should be stripped first, finally insert the cable. For home decoration, after the vertical connection terminal technology, each wire connection will save the wire length of about 500px , saving more than 80% of working hours, the comprehensive cost is greatly reduced.
◆ Universal - our push wire connectors suitable for soft and hard single-strand and multi-strand. Widely used in LED lightings, fans, automatic doors, building and home appliances.
◆ Easy to Use - the wire have to be stripped 8mm to 10mm. Next, pull the orange lever to 90° and insert the wire, then place the back of the wire clip. Lastly, complete the Installation.
Pls kindly find the pictures as below:

Any question, pls feel free to contact us via email directly. Thanks in advance.

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